Villa AG

Bingen, Germany

Bingen is situated just southeast of the Rhine knee by the Bingen Forest, which rises west of the town. Rising to the north on the other side of the Rhine is the Rheingau range, the Taunus’s southwesternmost outcrop. In Bingen the river Nahe empties into the Rhine Gorge. Bingen forms the southern limit of the UNESCO Rhine Gorge World Heritage Site. The Rochusberg (mountain) is nearly completely surrounded by the town site. So it’s no wonder that our investor chose this “out of heaven” city for his new home. The AG Villa is located on a secluded hill, surrounded by forest and with a beautiful view of the city. It is a two level house with a spa, fitness, recreation and entertainment are, parkink space for four vehicles and a auxiliary premises on the ground level. On the second level there is a large living room, dining room and kitchen, office premises, master bedroom and five bedrooms all equiped with separate bathrooms.

In collaboration with Ahrens Eggemann