Furniture for Future - III place

Furniture for Future was an international competition organized by “Ithaka” together with “Russian Birch”. The goal was to find designers that will design really unique pieces of furniture using the true potential of the wood. “АРХИТЕКТУРА” Shelf won third place.

“ITHAKA- Architecture and Design” studio was founded in 1991. For more than 20 years, the studio completed over 100 projects in Yerevan, various regions of Armenia, in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi, Anapa, Minsk, Cairo, Denver, etc. They have won many prestigious awards and attended many exhibitions like: International specialized exhibition “CAUCASUS BUILDING AND RECONSTRUCTION”, Yerevan, “Yerevan Expo” exhibition complex, 29 - 31 March 2013 - The Second Russian Competition “Glass in Architecture”, Moscow, “Expocentre” Fairgrounds, 14 - 16 June 2012 - Special Prize - a Trophy From a Partner of the Competition! World Architecture Festival “WAF”, Barcelona, CCIB, 2-4 November 2011. Shortlisted in the House Category! World Festival of Interiors “INSIDE”, Barcelona, CCIB, 2-4 November 2011 10,000 World Architects Exhibition, within the Frames of the 24th World Congress of Architecture UIA 2011, Tokyo, September 25-October 1, 2011