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LifeStyleFactory is based on the fundamental essentials of architecture, mixed with great passion for design and art and finding ways how to apply them in everyday objects and feed the passion for life through them. We have an experimental standpoint from which we work on small scale to large scale projects. The modern design is dominated by ideas relying on technicism and utilitarism, putting the comfort last. More attention is paid on pretty rather than on a good design. Term ‘pretty’ is a relative category that led to overcrowding with useless ordinary objects. They make people powerless against the uncontrolled blast of ideas and postulates on how the lifestyle’s image and core should look like.
When we work on architectural projects, interior, furniture or product design, no matter what kind of project, we take in consideration complex criteria such as function, form, idea, human experience, social behaviors, global, economic and political issues, sustainability, physical and mental interaction, never underminding rigorous understanding and desire for contemporary culture. We consider our clients as our partners, together we approach each project as a unique challenge. We create innovative and fully integrated solutions by bringing together experts in architecture, interiors, design, engineering, urban planning.
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